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Indigenous Student Mobility Programme at Dartmouth

This year’s Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Programme will take place at Dartmouth College, 24th June – 8th July. This will be the final edition of the 3 year pilot scheme and aims to offer a more academic, research-focused programme of activities. A mixture of indigenous- and non-indigenous students from 5 of the 7 Matariki partners is expected to participate. There is a network desire to explore the continuation of this initiative post-2018 and theĀ  Executive Board has just approved a 4th edition for Queen’s in 2019 and discussions are underway about the possibility of shared network virtual learning materials.

Participants in this year’s programme will spend one week visiting and working with local indigenous communities, followed by one week exploring Indigenous Spirituality & Knowledge in the classroom and in research. Topics to be studied include Contemporary American Indian Politics and Indigenous Research Methodologies. There will be student/faculty research workshops and Elders from Matariki partner institutions will discuss their institutional roles in the university as “experts” and facilitators of Indigenous Spirituality & Knowledge.

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